Pierre Belanger selected as finalist for Dubendorf Airport Design Competition, Zurich, Switzerland

Pierre Bélanger, Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture, with Swiss architects Stephan Hausheer (ETH Zürich) and Hana Disch (MAUD ’12) have been selected as finalists for the Dübendorf Airport design competition in Zurich, Switzerland.
This two-stage international design competition explores the urban and regional redevelopment of the former military airport in Dübendorf located on the periphery of the metropolitan region of Zurich, the birth place of the Swiss Air Force and now the home of the Solar Impulse. The competition is organized by Denkallmend, in collaboration with the Bristol Foundation, University of Zurich, Hamburg University of Architecture and Metropolitan Development, and Zurich University of the Arts.
The venue attracted 53 proposals worldwide from which 4 finalists were selected on July 15, 2011. For an overview of the competition and jury report, visit the website: The final selection process and awards will be presented in late October 2011.
The design team included Chen Chen (MLA ’13), Pamela Ritchot (MIT SMarchS ’11), Chris De Vries (MIT SMarchS ’11), and Luke Hegeman (MLA ’12).