Anna Grichting on healing divisions in Cyprus

Anna Grichting Solder (DDes ’08) has introduced a new publication, Stitching the Buffer Zone: Landscapes, Sounds and Trans_Experiences along the Cyprus Green Line, co-authored with Maria Costi de Castrillo, Stephanie Keszi and Georgia Frangoudi.
Stitching the Buffer Zone features models and plans for the future transformation of the Cyprus line of division. The launch of the book in November accompanied the “Does Europe exist?”  exhibition at ARTos Foundation Gallery in Nicosia, Cyprus.  
Cyprus Green Line Scapes Laboratory The project proposed by Grichting, “GreenLineScapes Laboratory,” incorporates healing within the physical and psychological rift of the Cyprus Buffer Zone. Grichting posits a spontaneous process of cicatrisation through the untamed forces of Nature, which could become a “beautiful scar through the creation of an ecological landscape of memory.” 
The book is available on Amazon.