Penny White Fund announces awards

The Department of Landscape Architecture has announced the 2013 Project Awards for the Penny White Fund. Twenty-three students from a variety of disciplines will share $50,000 in funding as they shed new light on geographic history, food and energy security and sustainability, and endeavor to forecast the future.

The impressive list of projects includes:
“Imaging the Invisible: Documenting the Post-Nuclear Landscape” -Anne Weber (MLA I)
“Darjeeling Tea: How Geographic Indication in a Global Marketplace Affects the Ground” -Carolyn Deuschle (MLA I) and Gabriella Rodriguez (MLA I)
“TERRA IN EXTREMIS – Toward ‘the Ends of the Earth’: Oceanic Urbanization in the Aleutian Archipelago” -Alexander Arroyo (MLA I)
“Concealing the Past, Projecting the Deep Future: Experiments in Environmental Forecasting at the Onkalo Nuclear Waste Repository” -Lauren Elachi (MLA I) and Lindsey Nelson (MLA I)
“Landscapes of Disappearance: Addressing Emerging Design Challenges in the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Greenland” -Jason Hoeft (MArch II) and Will Lambeth (MArch II)
“Coastal Membrane: Engineered Flows Across the Nile Delta Estuary” -Vineet Diwadkar (MLA I AP) and Tamer Elshayal (MDesS)
“Wood / Buffalo: Treaty 8 in the Century of Bitumen” -Christopher Alton (MDesS)
“The Geography of Strip Mining: Mapping the Effects of Strip Mining in Central Appalachia” -Hope Strode (MLA I)
“Planetary Risk in the Urban Imaginary: Lisbon After 1755” -Marrikka Trotter (PhD)
“Rangelands: Expanding Frontiers for Bison bison bison” -Erik Anderson (MLA I) and Senta Burton (MLA I)
“Atolls of Waste: Investigating waste networks of island nation of Maldives in the context of Indian Ocean” -Naz Beykan (MDesS) and Krishna Matturi (MDesS)
“Food Security & Resilience: Reclaiming the Acequia Landscapes of New Mexico” -Jennifer Corlett (MLA I)
“The Satellite and the Sensor: Dry Data and the Sensing Paralax” -William DiBernardo (MLA II)
“The Terrestrial Data Cloud: on Digital-Infrastructural Territories in Northern Europe” -Judy Fulton (MArch I) and Hokan Wong (MArch I)
“Material Implications: Brick Fields + Rapid Urbanization in Bangladesh” -Justin Jackson (MLA I)
“Sown Together: Mapping the edge between Ljubljana and the Barje” -Kelly Murphy (MLA II)
The proposals were selected for their originality and innovation, as well as their contribution to pressing challenges related to the fields of urbanism, landscape and ecology. The regions of research span the planet, from atolls of waste in the Indian Ocean to military underground repositories in the American desert. With budgets between $750 and $4500, the projects address a range of critical conditions, technologies and processes—from risk geographies to energy landscapes to material ecologies—relevant to the advancement of the discipline of landscape architecture and contemporary urbanization.
Students will present the results of their research in fall 2013 and spring 2014.