Landscape Architecture professors and students featured in Scenario Journal

Latest issue of Scenario Journal: Rethinking Infrastructure, featuring GSD students and professors questions how a focus on landscape can transform traditional conceptions of infrastructure. Jill Desimini, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture writes on the recent work of Stoss Landscape Urbanism, founded by GSD Adjunct Associate Professor of Landscape Chris Reed in Detroit, and discusses landscape as a medium affording a unique traction on the problematics of the contemporary city. Laura Solano, GSD Adjunct Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture had a piece featured which focused on urban soil as an infrastructure for designed landscapes in the city.

Michael Ezban (MLA ’13) exhibits a project that imagines a future for a derelict peninsula in Queens, NY where new ecologies, economies, and cultural identities of the city are intertwined with landscape-based solutions for wastewater management and treatment.

Dane Carlson (MLA ‘14) explores how landscape becomes infrastructural when it becomes the medium through which humanity can produce, move, and live. Read the journal.