Professor Niall Kirkwood presents at the International Forum in Beijing, China

Niall Kirkwood, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Technology, presented in late October 2013 at the International Forum in Beijing, China on the theme of the “Landscape Architecture of Tomorrow”. The conference was organized by Professor Yang Rui, Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing and doctoral student Xiaodi Zheng (MLA 00) and hosted by Tsinghua University.

Kirkwood presented a lecture titled “Brownfields 2018: Rethinking the Post-Industrial Landscape (again)” as a keynote speaker along with other participants including professor’s Ann Spirn, (MIT), Richard Weller, (Penn), Elen Demming (Illinois) and Jurgen Weidinger (TU Berlin). The forum was held to celebrate the establishment of the Theory & History Committee of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA) as well as to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tsinghua University’s Landscape Architecture Department.