Making Artspace: GSD student team a finalist in Upham’s Corner competition

A team consisting of Waqas Jawaid (MArch I ’14), Quardean Lewis-Allen (MArch I ’14) and Jonathan Crisman (Master in Architecture and in City Planning from MIT) has risen to become one of five finalists in the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative’s Upham’s Corner Artplace competition. They were chosen from 29 applicant teams.

The Artplace grant supports the commission for a $500,000 art project in which “the artist(s) will facilitate a community centered and led visioning, design, site selection, fabrication and installation process that uplifts the local identity and celebrates the richness of the neighborhood and its residents” in the Upham’s Corner neighborhood of Dorchester. 

GSD team members were excited about the opportunity to create a process for Upham’s Corner that preserves and enhances the distinct character in the historic neighborhood. They wrote: “We want to foster local arts businesses and create opportunities for meaningful apprenticeships for the youth.”

The next step is several community forum presentations to the community of the team’s ideas this week and next. Learn more at the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative website.