Luis Callejass work exhibited at Pinkcomma Gallery

Luis Callejas’s work to be exhibited at the Pinkcomma Gallery in Boston, MA beginning February 20. The exhibition, entitled Lines in Water, features projects by Luis Callejas’s LCLA office and Neeraj Bathia’s “Petropolis of tomorrow”

At a time when designers are often preoccupied with the nightmare of cities being inundated by rising tides, Bhatia and Callejas propose diving headfirst into the waves, establishing floating hubs and reclaiming already submerged territories. Like the preceding exhibitions in the series, they establish new territories — new possibilities for territory, that is — through the tools and techniques of drawing.

Luis Callejas is a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the GSD, and is founder and director of lcla office (Medellín). Read more about the Lines in Water exhibition.