Hart Howerton Fellowship awarded to two GSD students

Daniel Tool (MAUD ’15) and Baha Sadreddin (MDes ’15) each receive the Hart Howerton Fellowship for their proposals to research the relationship between the unique landscapes of Sweden, Finland, and Norway and their design cultures, and European eco-districts, respectively.

Baha Sadreddin will travel to Denmark, Germany, Space, France and the Netherlands, while Daniel Tool’s research will take him to Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

The Hart Howerton Fellowship is open to planning, architecture, landscape architecture and urban design students who are entering their final year of study. The fellowship defines an 8-week professional internship, followed by the Fellow’s self-defined topic of travel study. View the 2014 Fellowship details.


Image: Portland Cultural Forest, Baha Sadreddin’s undergraduate thesis project. The dynamic building skin adapts to changing weather conditions to optimize for daylighting, airflow, and solar gains minimizing the building’s aggregate electric lighting, cooling, and heating loads. Image courtesy Baha Sadreddin.