Eve Blau keynotes at HistoriCity Conference

Eve Blau (adjunct professor of the history of urban form) was in Moscow last month with to deliver a keynote address, “Urban Research Between History, Theory, and Practice,” at the International Conference on HistoriCity: Urban Space and Changing Historical Culture.  She was there with Julie Buckler (professor of Slavic literature), who presented “Urban Studies and Urban Humanities: Reconceptualizing the Field for an Interdisciplinary Digital Age”.

The two are co-principal investigators for the Harvard University Mellon Grant Initiative “Reconceptualizing the Urban: Interdisciplinary Study of Urban Environments, Societies, and Cultures,” and so are deeply immersed in the tensions between the rapidly modernizing urban environment and the status of heritage and the artifacts, representation, authenticity, and institutions of historic preservation.

The conference took place at the Poletayev Institute for Historical and Theoretical Studies in Humanities, at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, and drew historians, researchers in urban studies and social scientists, as well as specialists in cultural studies, public history and museum studies.