A new season for Kirkland Gallery

Hanging quietly from the ceiling and the walls, the fragile paper art by Ken Chongsuwat and Eri Yamagata (MLA ’15) is the focus of “Nescient Hues / Meltwater”: the first exhibition to kick off this season at the Kirkland Gallery at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. This is the third year of activity for this student-run gallery, since it was founded by Ashley Mendelsohn (MDes ’14). And as the only space in school where students from all programs and years are invited to propose and exhibit their works, it has become highly popular and in constant demand.

As laid out by the gallery’s current co-curators, Irene Chin (MDes ’15) and Jen Krava (MDes ’15), the gallery will exhibit four to six different exhibitions per term, each for a period of roughly two weeks. It seeks installations that use the intimate space of the gallery in interesting and three-dimensional ways. In parallel to the planning for this year’s activities, the gallery team also launched a new website that archives the documentation of past exhibitions.

Next on view in Kirkland Gallery is an exhibition by Joanne Cheung (MArch ’18) and Farhad Mirza, opening November 7, 2014, at 8:00 p.m.

Take a video tour of the gallery.

Image: Craig Reschke with Office X, Wall Strike, 2013.