Jose Luis García del Castillo y López talks “tech to expect” in Architect Magazine

Last year brought staggering change to our lives, but the impact on technology—and the resulting tech trends we can we expect in 2021—are of particular interest to many designers. Lecturer in Architectural Technology Jose Luis García del Castillo y López was among 12 thought leaders to reflect on these questions in a recent feature for Architect Magazine.

Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez
García del Castillo y López also serves as the Area Head for the Technology MDes group.

García del Castillo y López argues that the remoteness caused by the pandemic has impacted the way we interact with each other in digital spaces and how we present ourselves to the world. He predicts that “architects will have a bigger role in rethinking our new forms of presence, both physical and digital” and in designing how those two spheres can blend. “We are witnessing an increasing number of architects moving on to UX/UI design, software development, and generally thinking, designing, and building digital environments that are more pleasant to work, interact, and augment our physical selves in.” García del Castillo y López anticipates that 2021 will bring “a surge in the popularity of frameworks that streamline collaborative work among stakeholders in AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) enterprises.”

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