All Classrooms at the GSD are equipped with Projectors or Digital Display Screens at a minimum.  Learn more about the equipment in our spaces as well as portable equipment options.

  • Classroom Equipment

    Portable Equipment

    The Frances Loeb Library in partnership with the Computer Resources Group allows GSD Professors, Visiting Lecturers and Teaching Assistants to borrow digital equipment to support classroom and studio instruction.  Learn more about this here.

    Non-Digital Equipment

    Building Services also maintains an inventory of non-digital presentation equipment, which can be signed out between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday–Friday.

    These items include:

    • Dry Erase Boards and Markers
    • Pinup Boards
  • Photo Lab

    The Gund Photo Lab is bookable 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM daily. Make a Photo Lab Reservation.

    There is a limit of 2 hours per day, per person.

    Photo Lab Rules

    • Leave the room as you found it; clean up after yourself.
    • Do not remove equipment from the Photo Lab without permission.
    • Models should not be left in the Photo Lab for more than 24 hours; they will be disposed of without notice.
    • Avoid wasting backdrop paper; ensure it doesn’t touch the floor.
    • Neatly cut and recycle any soiled backdrop paper.

    These rules are crucial for maintaining the Photo Lab’s organization and cleanliness.

  • Hybrid Classroom

    Suggestions for hybrid teaching are listed here.  Review Harvard University guidance for Video Recording.  How to log into Zoom using your HarvardKey credentials.  View more Zoom knowledgebase articles.

Hybrid Classroom Options

Here you will find information to help you consider different ways to facilitate a Hybrid Classroom.  At the end of each description is a link to a diagram that illustrates how we recommend using the equipment.  If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Meeting Owl Pro
The Owl distinguishes itself with a 360-degree camera which allows remote workers to feel immersed in the meeting space.   In addition, the Owl uses AI and eight microphones to locate and focus on active speakers up to 2 meters away.  The Owl Pro features a maximum microphone pickup radius of 18 feet.  This device will connect to your laptop, allowing you to run the Zoom meeting from your own computer.  Click here for a diagram.

GSD Zoom Carts
Custom built, the Zoom Cart is a complete video conferencing appliance with an embedded computer.  This is a good option if you do not wish to use your own computer.  The user will log into and manage the zoom session from a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Each zoom cart comes equipped with a pair of microphones that should be extended onto an adjacent tabletop.  Both microphones have a 15-foot pickup radius.  Click here for a diagram.

How to capture a model during a zoom call
Standard video conferencing cameras are generally in a fixed location.  So, it helps to have a portable camera to capture a model during a zoom meeting.  Fortunately, we all have one, it’s your mobile phone!  Download the free Zoom app to your mobile phone and log in to the Zoom meeting with your HarvardKey credentials (yes you can be logged in twice to the same zoom meeting).  Once you’ve joined the zoom meeting with your mobile phone you can use the phone’s camera to provide the close-up you desire.  Click here for a diagram.

Need Technology in a classroom?

SERT is the room reservation system provided by Building Services.  Zoom Carts and Electronic Display Screens can be reserved when making a room reservation.  If you need to update an existing reservation email [email protected].

Rooms with Projectors:
  • Gund Hall Room L08 (Gropius)
  • Piper Auditorium
  • Gund Hall Room 109
  • Gund Hall Room 112 (Stubbins)
  • Gund Hall Portico 121
  • Gund Hall Portico 122
  • Gund Hall Portico 123
  • Gund Hall Room 124
  • Gund Hall Room 318
  • Gund Hall Room 505
  • Gund Hall Room 510
  • Gund Hall Room 516
  • Gund Hall Room 517
  • 42 Kirkland St. Room 1-G
  • 7 Sumner Road Room 104
  • 7 Sumner Road Room 402
  • 485 Broadway Room 222
Mobile Digital Display Screens:

The screens in Gund Hall are mobile and can be relocated on request by email to [email protected]. Locations where screens at typically found include the following:

  • Piper Auditorium
  • Gund Hall Room 111
  • Gund Hall Room 110 (PIT)
  • Gund Hall 2nd Floor lounge
  • Gund Hall 3rd Floor Lounge
  • Gund Hall 4th Floor Lounge
  • Gund Hall Room L20 (InfoCommons)
  • Gund Hall Porticos 121-123
Rooms with Mounted Display Screens:
  • Gund Hall Room 520
  • Loeb Library Collaboration Space 1
  • Loeb Library Collaboration Space 2
  • 40 Kirkland St. Room 1-D
  • 42 Kirkland St. Room 1-A