Advanced Topics in Theory

Prerequisites: Successful completion of GSD courses 4201 – 4206 inclusive, or equivalent.This course is an advanced elective course for students who wish to pursue studies in the field of twentieth century architectural theory beyond the introduction established in the required courses listed under prerequisites above. The format of the course will be one lecture per week, followed by discussion. Approximately one third of the lectures will be delivered by each of the faculty members listed above, and at least two of the three will participate in the discussions following each of the lectures.The objective of the course is to present to the student a broad view of contemporary architectural theory – its distinct modes of thought and operation, its recent history, and its relation to other spheres of cultural production.Thurs Feb 5: Introduction to course by Baird and Hays, and class discussionRealism: Studies in the Practice of Everyday Life/Modalities of ConsciousnessThurs Feb 12: Baird Class 1: The Structuralism/Phenomenology Debate in Architecture: Levi-Strauss/Derrida; Baird/Perez-Gomez Thurs Feb 19: Baird Class 2: The Vissicitudes of Realism: The Trajectory of Realist Thought from Rationalism to KoolhaasThurs Feb 26: Baird Class 3: Public Space 1: Political Theory: Arendt, Benjamin, HabermasThurs Mar 4: Baird Class 4: Public Space 2: Street Photography and ArchitectureThurs Mar11: Class 5: Guest Appearance by Sandro Marpillero: Urban Operations, Unconscious EffectsNeo-Avantgarde: Studies in an Unhappy ConsciousnessThurs Mar 18: Hays Class 1 Overview: The Neo-Avantgarde, Representation, and Reification[glimpses of Rossi, Venturi, Eisenman, Hejduk, and Tschumi]Thurs Mar 25: Hays Class 2 Autonomy and Negation: The Refusal to Signify or the Inability to Signify? [review Adorno and use to analyze Rossi, Eisenman; review Tafuri\’s counter-interpretation]Thurs Apr 1: No class (spring recess)Thurs Apr 8: Hays Class 3 Slouching Toward Bethlehem: Architecture and Loss[Rossi\’s analogous city; Hejduk\’s architectural gaze; review Lacan]Thurs Apr 15: Hays Class 4 Autonomy Effect: Architecture At the End of Line [Tschumi, Koolhaas, Diller + Scofidio]Thurs Apr 22: Hays Class 5Architecture After Its End, or How the Neo-Avantgarde Dominated the Discourse for Thirty Years, Produced Not a Single Significant Building, and Changed Architecture ForeverThurs Apr 29: Concluding discussion: Baird and HaysThurs May 6: No classGrading:Students will be expected to prepare a 2000 word paper on a topic related to the material of the course, for each module. The paper for the Baird module will be due the week after spring recess. The paper for the Hays module will be due after the end of the semester.