Advanced Workshop in Participatory Urban Planning and Design

This workshop combines seminar and studio elements. In weekly seminar sessions, students discuss key readings on the theory and practice of participatory planning and design, drawing on both developed and developing country experience. In weekly studio sessions, students then tackle applied planning and design challenges facing marginalized Boston communities. The studio will be held in conjunction with students in the Kennedy School\’s DPI 682 (Solving Problems Using Technology) and in partnership with the Boston Mayor\’s Office of New Urban Mechanics. In small interdisciplinary teams, students from both courses will work with clients to solve pressing urban problems. The teams will bring together graduate students with interests in planning, design, technology and policy. Seminar sessions will take place at the GSD and shared studio meetings will be held at the Harvard Innovation Lab on the Allston Campus.

The workshop will be limited to 15 students. Students should be willing to work interdisciplinary and to combine theoretical and applied aspects of participatory planning and design.