Architecture Museum

Site: Azenhas do Mar – a topographically rich reality, full of sounds and odors. A place that reveals the physical and metaphysical presence of \”materials\”. Place of strong \”naturalness\”, identified and nameable after the relation established between built and unbuilt territory. Program: Architectural Museum – precise, yet opened to appropriations. A program that imposes the change of place searching for it\’s adequate scale. A program that, besides its natural functionality which is inductive of transformation, also imposes the questioning of how to \”exhibit architecture\”.Proposal: Project – a tectonics able to establish a new equilibrium with both natural and built existent values. A whole that understands the local preexistences, both real and idyllic, maximized through the creation of a noua evidential. Pedagogic Objectives:The intention is for students to understand and conceive the project as a whole. The search should be oriented towards the accomplishment of the project as a result of the relation between territorial preexistences and its spatial, tectonic, and functional coherence. The project should reflect a global understanding from site to detail. Different scales as a single conscient idea.Completion Requirements:The semester\’s work is to be documented by conceptual studies – multiple scale representation of conceptual drafts, models, and technical drawings that will express and maximize the concept. The required time commitment will be the same as for a normal studio option. Although not required, it would be very convenient to visit the site itself, so a trip to the coast west of Lisbon is being arranged.