Chile MMX

In MMX Chile will complete 200 years of independent republican life. There are 2 major projects in Santiago to celebrate this occasion:A Hill and a Hole.For the Hill, the Mayor has asked for a Master Plan for the world\’s biggest Metropolitan Park: a 700 hectare, 300 m. high promontory where we have to design the Park for the Arts, including a 2000 seat Concert Hall, a 10.000 seat Open Air Amphitheater and an Art Supermarket with a US$ 12 million budget.For the Hole, a 700 hectare, 60 m deep old quarry, there is the need to do something, but no specific program or destiny for it yet.Students will choose from very specific operations (the design of the concert hall for example) to wider more open questions (what other programs should be included in the Park of the Arts or what to do with the quarry)Proposals will be presented to the City by the end of the year to become part of the Bicentennial Projects.