Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing II

GSD 6320 Computer-Aided Design & ManufacturingDaniel L. Schodek and Tim Eliassen This course explores CNC technologies and related manufacturing processes as applied to architecture and product design. These technologies are studied through a series of lectures, workshops, seminars, field trips, and case-studies of how CAD/CAM technologies have been used in practice. There will be a specific emphasis on the relationship between material types and appropriate design and fabrication approaches. Case studies will be drawn from the work of TriPyramid and other innovators in this area. During the course, students will learn the use of CNC machines, CAM software, and engage in several prototyping exercises. While students are expected to have some knowledge of 3d modeling, GSD 6319 that dealt with parametric modeling for CAD/CAM applications is not a specific prerequisite. Please see \”About the Course\” and the \”Schedule\” in the 6320 Courseware.