Custom Metalwork Studio: Brazing and soldering small metal projects – FULL

Instructor: Erica Moody, Principal of Magma Metalworks, Inc.
Max Enrollment: 4
Date/Time: Jan 7 and 8/10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Location: metal shop
Description: This workshop will be both an overview and a hands-on exploration of brazing and soldering metals and fabrication processes for small custom metalwork projects. Brazing and soldering are lower temperature processes than welding, making it a more accessible and transportable technique for joining metals. Demonstrations, samples, and student experimentation of these techniques and general metal design and fabrication will be explored. Various small stock will be available for students to design, cut, braze, and form their own small metal constructions.
Requirements: Metal shop training at the GSD
Cost/Materials: Materials will be provided by instructor