Drawing for Designers 2: Human Presence and Appearance in Natural and Built Environment

The course is intended as a creative drawing laboratory for designers, an expressive and playful supplement to computer-based labor.

The aim of the class is to learn how to depict and express the presence and appearance of people in natural and built environments.

This class objective will be achieved through three projects:
First: focusing on people’s active presence in the landscape.  
Second: on people in a populated urban environment.
Third: on a person or two people acting or interacting in a specific spatial and social situation.

Each of the assigned projects will be realized in a different, specifically selected technique:
     – The first project will use a technique called a subtractive tone.
     – The second one will use a technique of a multiple lines/marks.
     – The last one will use an images projection.
The course will help to master techniques in hand drawing, refine sensitivity to all details of what one sees, and develop capacity to articulate them in a visually convincing and evocative form.

The class projects will include work in outdoor and indoor situations and places, as well as drawings of life models. In the process of drawing, students will focus on the world of lines, textures, shapes, light, shade, and values. We will use various tools, materials and artistic techniques including pencils, vine charcoal, graphite, etc.

In addition to the completion of three large drawing projects a special short assignment will be given at the beginning of each class session.

Working on studio projects will be supplemented by the field trips, presentations, and discussions of relevant examples from art history and contemporary art. Guest artists will be invited as reviewers for the presentations and exhibition of the final project.

No prerequisites are required. Students do not need to take VIS 2446 to enroll.

VIS 2457 will hold the first class online from 9-11 AM on Thursday, Jan 26th. Please see the course Canvas site for Zoom link.