Exhibiting the Virtual Space

The Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) is organizing an international fair for the summer of 2009, expecting to attract many visitors from all over the world. Among the main attractions will be the \”information Pavilion,\” a space to merge the physical and the virtual, as an exploration and manifestation of the role of information technology from large scale city planning to the architecture of individual buildings. The pavilion has been conceptualized by Prof. Pollalis and Prof. Kimm, has been designed by Space Architects and is being built by SK Telecom. This 9206 research seminar, sponsored by IFEZ and the city of Incheon, will focus on developing exhibits as a proof of concept for creating virtual space that enhances the physical space. The research seminar has a limited enrollment of 5 whose work will be exhibited in the information pavilion during the summer fair. There is a limited budget for acquiring equipment and limited engineering assistance will be provided by SK Telecom. The seminar includes a sponsored trip to Korea in June for the installations and meeting with the sponsors. This research seminar offers a unique opportunity for a hand-on experience in the emerging field of integrating the virtual with the physical space and seeks students who can push the frontiers of imagination and creativity either by developing conceptual mockups or working prototypes. Interesting students should have taken an advance computer course at the GSD or have equivalent professional experience. The course will meet every 2 weeks during the semester.