Field Studies in Real Estate: The Rebuilding of Ground Zero

Many architects and urban designers see the rebuilding of Ground Zero as an exciting opportunity to redefine modern urbanism in the twenty-first century. But the political and economic realities also offer a strong guide to the ultimate blueprint. This course will explore the visual, economic, political, social, and financial issues inherent in the rebuilding of Ground Zero. The course will begin with a thorough investigation of the site (at and below grade), its history, its legal ownership and political framework, and its physical and economic context (Lower Manhattan). The class will be divided into multidisciplinary teams to devise solutions that respond to a vision for Lower Manhattan and are economically feasible, including an exploration of possible financial incentives that could be used to support the development of the site. The course will have several guests who are intimately involved in the project in both the public and private sectors. Students will visit the site and meet some of the key players.Prerequisite: A prior course in real estate finance and development, planning law, or permission of the instructor.