Graphic Narratives

This class focuses on the application of graphic design to architecture problems, specifically narrative forms such as books, films, animations, and slide presentations. Narrative is derived from the late latin narrativus: telling a story. This class will focus on the imposition and implication of narrative or storytelling both in design process and in explaining and articulating architectural projects. We will look at both the hermeneutic and proairetic codes of narrative and consider the effect of media on communication. The class is designed to learn by doing therefore the emphasis will be on short, weekly exercises that must be completed in the designated time, with in-class critiques each session. In addition to the assignments there will be weekly readings and visual materials such as films, artwork, and books to review. Students will be asked to make presentations on these materials throughout the semester. In the process of accomplishing these short projects and presentations we will consider the implication and meaning of graphic imagery and language without overlooking formal issues such as color, balance, rhythm, sequence, and composition. We encourage you to sketch extensively, experiment, and take risks when proposing visual ideas and solutions. Both quality and quantity are important. The ultimate objective is to develop your graphic skills and foster a singular design method. Personal understanding and individuality are paramount.