Green Card Conversations

Projects are born from conversation. In Latin, the verb ‘converse’, cumversare, has a double root: cum, with, and versare, spin. Spin with or spin together.

In our encounters with others—to coordinate and start spinning together—is where the foundation of humanity lies. It is not a preoccupation with discourse and its emission, nor is it about its reception and deciphering, but rather about the disposition and commitment regarding the process of coordination, of our acting together.

Actions have the purpose of building habitability. In order to build habitability one must be an inhabitant. In order to be an inhabitant one must have a place out of habit, being habituated to residing and establishing residency—residing where one has those things which assure and nurture one’s life and those with whom one exists—

Being an inhabitant—habitability\’s custodian—is an open course of relations (the selective task of opening up to that which bolsters and benefits us, and rejecting defensively that which assaults us and compromises our ability to reside) that constantly modifies the conditions of our existence.
A favorable environment preserves and expands life; an unfavorable one reduces and extinguishes life.

Environmental debt and the green agenda of concerns point specifically to our time, echoing the very difficult circumstances we foster against life. Obtaining a residency certificate [GREEN CARD] from our environment, the testimony of a life well lived, requires coordinated action—unprecedented, in many aspects—towards mutual benefit.

We imagine public projects as written accounts of the conversations needed to coordinate actions pertaining to these concerns in Asunción, Paraguay, to be established in an active vicinity with an extension of 501.065.284,702 km2, registered by the UN in the company of the newborn Danica Mae Camacho and other 7,000,000,000 human beings, on October 31, 2011.

Irregular Schedule:
Solano Benitz Studio will be meeting on an irregular schedule. Meetings outside of these times can be arranged individually with the instructor. The Studio meeting dates are below:
Friday, September 30
Tuesday, September 17
Thursday, September 19
Tuesday, September 24
Thursday, September 26
Tuesday, October 15
Thursday, October 17
Tuesday, October 29
Thursday, October 31
Tuesday, November 19
Thursday, November 21
Tuesday, December 3
Thursday, December 5 (optional)