Immersive Environments II

This is an advanced seminar exploring the spatial temporal qualities of the built environment through the disciplines of still and moving image. This seminar will build on topics examined in GSD 2319 and GSD 2223 by extending the scope of both analytic and perceptual models of representation; developing hybrid models for communicating both experience and information; and exploring how moving image affects the perception/reception of the built environment.

The goal of the seminar is to develop a conceptual and technical literacy with respect to using moving image to query and represent site, structure and space through the media of both real world and virtual film making. In the first half of the semester, student will work in teams to shoot a short film using DSLR film making equipment, getting exposure to various techniques in photography, video and time lapse. Teams will have access to motorized rigs, full frame cameras and high quality lens. This real world experience with narrative, cinematography and editing will provide the foundational skills for parallel explorations in the virtual realm. The second half of the semester will then examine virtual film making through the media of animation and synthetic imaging, covering advanced topics in lighting, materials, environment representation and the reciprocity between the real and the virtual.

The seminar will be a lecture workshop format. The class will work in teams; each team will present a short film during exam week.

Prerequisites: GSD 2319 or GSD 2223.