InDesign – Pro Tips for Integrating it into Your Studio Workflow

Jacob Sippy

Max Enrollment:

Jan 15 (10-2)

Gund 109

Most design students using the Adobe Creative Suite consider Photoshop and Illustrator to be indispensable tools. However, many students do not learn how to, or even why they should, use InDesign. The third program in the original trilogy of Creative Suite titles, InDesign is a powerful tool that will help streamline your multi-page document workflows, and could revolutionize they way you make presentation slides (in lieu of PowerPoint), project boards, documents or portfolios. In just a few hours this course will demonstrate how some very basic but very powerful tools can save you hours. Topics to be covered include styles (for objects, paragraphs and text), master pages, table of contents, bookmarks, and simple animations. As it will be an interactive session, questions are welcome and encouraged. A laptop with InDesign installed will help to make the most of the class, but is not required.

laptop (preferred, not required)