Indiscrete Structures

What happens when we consider the design of structures starting with ideas not limited to the predefined conventions of engineering mechanics and materials?  Or said another way, what happens when we think about structure not discretely as only structure but as something broader and indiscrete?  Tectonics will be the entry and frame to consider these questions related to ideation in the design of both architecture and structures (and their engagement/entanglement) with an aim to broaden the terms by which we design. 

The content of the course will include: reading and discussion of seminal texts to develop a context for discussion of tectonics, construction, structure and representation in drawing and image; analysis and discussion of the structures and tectonics of six contemporary architecture projects; development of a drawing project to explore the translation of ideas into architectural and structural terms.

Advanced knowledge/experience with structural engineering is not a pre-requisite for this course.  As we will discuss the mechanics of structures it is preferred that students have taken SCI 6227 Structural Design I, but you need only be curious about how things are made and how they work to engage this course.

Note: the instructor will offer online live course presentations on 08/26, and/or 08/27. To access the detailed schedule and Zoom links, please visit the Live Course Presentations Website.

Please note this course will meet online through 9/15.

The first class meeting will be on Wednesday, September 8th. The rest of the semester, classes will meet during the official scheduled time.