Information Centered Design Futures – Canceled

With the rise of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) over the past decade, Architecture, engineering and construction practices are rapidly evolving methods to adapt. New owner requirements for BIM enabled project teams present opportunities and challenges to time-tested traditional delivery approaches. Symbolic design intent drawings are becoming marginalized as the boundaries of means and methods shift between contractor, fabricator, and designer. Emerging disruptive technologies in the form of cloud computing, social networks, and mobile platforms has resulted in a market-driven explosion of new tools, processes, and services supporting design, construction, and management. How the design practice will be shaped by these forces has yet to be determined.

This course provides a speculative look to the future of an information centered design practice. Small research teams will be formed around three organizing themes:

  • Social and collaborative frameworks reaching large project stakeholder groups from local, regional, and global populations forming information centered design methodologies.
  • Model based connections that re-examine the implications of traditional BIM model scopes from component, building, and project, to include, city, environment and other large scale “big data” model based systems.
  • Structured project information originating in pre-design feeding downstream activities to include, prefabrication, automated assembly, and facility management.
  • Industry leading guest speakers provide insight into the current and near future trends from the perspective of Architect, engineer and owner.

Assignments and Grading: Group and individual work will be required. Evaluation will be based on course participation, measurable weekly research development and final research presentation at the close of the semester.
Notes on Software Skills: All students enrolled in this course will be expected to attend special skill-building workshops as they are made available through the GSD. It is not the intent of the course to make you completely proficient in various environments, nor does time allow it. Instead, the intent is to demonstrate how design, practice and process are influenced by use of environments of these types. The skill sessions will, however, still give you a pretty good basis for going further into the applications if you wish.