Introduction to the Practice of Architecture

This is a discussion developed by Scogin, Sapers, and Beach to introduce the student to basic issues in architectural practice, including: how an architect obtains commissions; conflicts with a client over construction costs; resolving conflicts with the community and the client over design; the administration of the construction contract; new forms of project delivery; the application of new technology to the design process; and the peculiar problems of practicing in the Third World. Each issue will be illustrated by a case based upon the real experience of practicing architects, including some architects of national and international repute. In several cases, these architects will appear in person to discuss their experience with the class. Each case study is followed by a monograph raising professional conduct issues and other issues which arise from the case study. Scogin, Sapers, and Beach will each participate in the lectures and discussions. Students are expected to participate fully in the discussions, as well as work on a major research paper, including, by way of example, exploring the role of the professional in America, the development of aesthetic principles affecting architecture, the extent to which the architect may control building means and methods, and other crucial current topics. In addition, all students must bring a full printout of whichever chapter is under discussion to the relevant class meetings. Note: Course enrollment is limited to 4th semester MArch I students and other MArch I students who need to fulfill the professional practice requirement. More information on the course can be found at the course website: