Java Programming for Designers

This workshop course is designed to introduce and explore the art of computer graphics programming, using the modern language JAVA. Students will be expected to be self-motivated and organized, using the course and the on-line material provided to learn or develop their knowledge of programming and computer graphics in general, and JAVA in particular.Seven weeks of a linear structured introduction and five short exercises will be followed by a programming project of the students\’ choice.Topics Covered:1. Basic Java: Objects, Classes, Methods2. 2D Graphics: Java AWT, Swing2. Controls & Handlers3. Repetition & Conditionals4. Recursion5. Java 3D6. VRMLThe Final Project, of the student\’s design, will allow an opportunity for refinement of the above topics and skills, and synthesis of these and others into a software project of some complexity.Tuesday: Lectures and Demonstrations; Thursday: Hands-on in Computer LabPrerequisite: Familiarity and comfort with computing; willingness and ability to overcome technical difficulties.Instructor: Stephen Ervin, Room 520: [email protected]: tbd