Landscape Representation II

Building on the foundation established in Landscape Representation I, this course will introduce and extend a range of representational techniques and approaches to generate, communicate and contemplate spatial and environmental ideas and qualities. The course will introduce and discuss various representational themes and ideas through a series of lectures that will span a wide spectrum of scales and approaches. To compliment the lectures, a series of bi-weekly workshop sessions will allow students to build upon existing abilities and form a range of new skills.

The course is structured to introduce students to a collection of means through which representational approaches may help to communicate or express landscape design ideas and intentions while also investing in the capacity for representational techniques to operate as indispensable collaborators in the exploratory design process. The course will engage with the representational exploration of, amongst others, topographies, spatial description and experience, atmospheres, geographies and time. A range of techniques, skills and workflows will be covered that leverage the capabilities offered by more established as well as contemporary digital tools and techniques.