MDes Open Project: Physical Realms Synthetic Realities

This OP explores the notion of reality and authenticity of experiences in the built environment through the lens of current emergent technologies. By harnessing emergent technologies that blur the boundaries between what’s real and what’s fake, what’s natural and artificial, and what’s material and immaterial, the research questions and the approach of this OP creates a platform for students to challenge conventional notions of the effect of physical environments on social behavior and challenge the prevalence of “authentic” experiences mediated by synthetic and computational realms. Students’ projects will aim to create site-specific immersive journeys at the intersection of reality and simulation, rethinking the evolving relationship between humans and their environments. The students will work in groups and identify specific sites to unpack and explore the social, behavioral, and contextual realities in their narratives and research topics.
The research and project outcomes will be hybrid mixed media installations utilizing varied, technologies, AI-driven prototypes responding to real-time stimuli, digital twin narrative experiences, hybrid materiality exploration, virtual reality phenomenological studies, etc.

Please see the MDes Open Project Website for more information.