MDes Open Project: Technology, Trust, and Governance

This Open Project collaboration concentrates on the transformation of democratic institutions and the novel mechanisms of trust building that governments are exploring to address the problem of distrust. Models of governance where institutions respond to a singular public are no longer sufficient as diverse constituents or publics increasingly demand from institutions individualized responsiveness and the explicit articulation of shared values. As a response, democratic institutions are seeking better ways (often through technology) to deeply listen and to respond to the needs of multiple publics, especially those who have been historically excluded. Students will examine trends in technology-augmented listening and decision-making, including “web3” technologies such as blockchain, as well as novel data practices, and artificial intelligence. Students will imagine designs for governance that are inclusive, creative, functional, and sustainable.
Research Trajectories include Governance as Medium, Design for Institutional Trust, Activism in Digital Culture, Responsive Media, Play and Experience Design.