Modernity and European Landscape Architecture

In this seminar, students will position the modern discipline of landscape architecture in relation to theories of architecture, urbanism, and hygiene during the first half of the twentieth century. The course will assess the themes of the modernist agenda through texts and projects such as Le Corbusier\’s Radiant City, Christopher Tunnard\’s manifesto Gardens in the Modern Landscape, Gunnar Asplund\’s and Sigurd Lewerentz\’s Woodland Cemetery, C.Th. Sxrensen\’s memorials to the Danish landscape, Gustav Ammann\’s public baths, and Fred Eicher\’s Zurich cemeteries. Throughout the semester, students will be encouraged to establish parallels between historical developments and contemporary issues. This Fall, the seminar will pay particular attention to the development of the modern profession in Switzerland in preparation for an exhibition to be held at the GSD the following year.