Near Drawing

The agency of drawing within the discipline has been the topic of many recent academic symposia. In its current state, sophisticated technologies introduced through digital media have undermined traditional methods of architectural representation, leading to the question ‘Is drawing dead?’ Within this polemic, academia almost buried its proprietary agency and inattentively conducted the Kübler Ross Model- the five stages of grieving:

This process enforced ipso facto the notion that drawing is not dead after all; it simply went through a ‘Near Death Drawing Experience’. In fact, we are now able to embrace new advances in technology and make them part of the drawing discourse in a productive manner.

In a search for emerging models of architectural representation this course argues for the agency of drawing to transform towards a force that can reshape and enhance the discipline of architecture. Students are asked to analyze and explore specific means of drawing techniques both in its genesis and production within several design disciplines. During the course of the semester students will master and apply alternative drawing techniques based on digital technological advances. We will construct unique digital delineation devices and re-appropriate the notion of architectural drawing.

This course includes weekly lectures, workshops, and online guest lectures.