Newsroom: On Moderation

Martti Kalliala, Florian Mewes, Jenna Sutela
Max Enrollment:
Jan 6-17 10:00-12:00
Gund 123
Newsroom, a student-initiated program of print and exhibition at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, seeks to highlight Gund Hall as a site and medium for the dissemination of content through multiple formats, comprised of a magazine, an exhibition wall and miscellaneous topic-relevant media. Moderation is the theme of its magazine\’s first issue. This Jterm course will guide students through an investigation of graphic design as a tool in order to understand its agency as a process of restraint.
During the first week of Jterm, graphic designer Florian Mewes will offer four days of project based typography tutorial with short lectures. Florian\’s approach to graphic design is one of restraint in order to produce unexpected results, believing that the power of typography lies in relationships like scale, spacing, and orientation.
During the second week of Jterm, Jenna Sutela and Martti Kalliala will spend two days with the students, putting the typography lessons to work. The two will lecture about their own practices in publishing, and will then lead the students in exercises that inject agency into the typography, inventing forms of interaction with environments both physical and digital.
The course will culminate in a collection of work that is published in two ways: On the one hand, Newsroom\’s exhibition wall on Gund Hall\’s 2nd floor will collect/store/display work in an on-going manner during the two week course. It will be the original \’site of experimentation\’, expanding out into Gund Hall and eventually beyond. It will be the site of culmination of the course work in a \’show\’ of what is produced, that will remain on display for the first week of the spring semester. On the other hand, the work produced will be included as an insert chapter in Newsroom\’s magazine on graphic methods of moderation.
$20 per students for materials