Real Estate Finance and Development Fundamentals for Public and Private Participants (at KSG)

 Classroom is at HKS, Rubenstein G-20 (Neustadt Classroom)

Class meeting time is Mon, Wed from 4:40 to 6:00 PM. However the first class will be on Friday, September 5th at 4:40 PM.

Provides an analytical framework for understanding real estate finance and development fundamentals from both public and private perspectives. Topics addressed include: establishing investment/development objectives; structuring ownership entities; evaluating and controlling prospective development sites; creating sound development plans; understanding the public entitlement process; preparing market and feasibility studies; securing debt and equity financing; coordinating the design and construction process; and marketing and managing real estate assets. Includes preparation of income statements; sources and uses of funds statements; federal tax impact analyses; and discounted cash flow analyses. Principles learned should be applicable globally for private, public, NGO, and not-for-profit participants in either policy planning for or implementation of real estate development, community redevelopment, and/or disaster relief activities. Lectures, cases, exercises, site visits, guest lectures, and class discussions will involve a variety of real property asset types, including several structured as public-private partnerships. No prior finance or real estate development experience is expected or required.
Also offered by Harvard Kennedy School as SUP-665