Sustainability for Planning and Design

This survey course will establish basic environmental literacy for all the departments at the school. A series of lecturers will address key issues for planners and designers connected to the term Sustainability. The lectures will specifically address the many scales of design and planning by discussing the chosen topics from a local, regional, national and global perspective revealing the interdependence between architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and urban planning. Starting out with a foundation session on theory, later lectures will discuss the latest thinking on topics such as ecology and biodiversity, climate change, energy, water, soils and plants, mobility, micro climate, light and materials. The series will finish with a critical discussion of current examples of environmental urbanism. Moderator: Christian WerthmannFeatured Speakers: Peter Del Tredici , Richard Forman, Sanford Kwinter, Mohsen Mostafavi, Christoph Reinhart, Peter Rose, Hashim Sarkis, Daniel Schrag, Thomas Schroepfer, Matthias Schuler, Charles Waldheim, Christian Werthmann