Please note, this course has an irregular schedule. See below.Sustainability – an integrated design approach in combination with your studio or research projectMatthias Schuler – [email protected]: GSD 6205 or equivalentCourse description:Based on basic information form the background lectures the application of a sustainable approach into a design or research project is the target of this class. Students either bring their studio project or a self defined research theme into the lecture and are guided for further research, taught additional information and coached for the integration of sustainable concept approaches into their focus.Course structure:Background lecturesExample building/project analysisIntroduction in hand calculation methodsIntroduction in simple computer toolsIndividual design reviews Result:sustainable concept presentation on final studio design or independent research reportLiterature: (available as pdf)Buildings and Climate Change, UNEP ReportStern Review: The Economics of Climate ChangeOne Planet Living, Sustainable is more than CO2Schedule:1/28 – 1/292/11 – 2/12 2/25 – 2/26 3/11 – 3/12 3/25 – 3/26 4/8 – 4/9