The Architectural Psyche

Instructor: Ruo Jia
                   Research Associate, Harvard GSD
Max Enrollment: 20

Date/Time: Jan 8, 11, 13 and 15/10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Location: 7 Sumner/404

Description: This course will be looking at the juxtaposition of theories regarding the psyche and architectural objects or situations. The four seminar sessions will each focus on one topic and its related psychoanalytic theory and architectural theories. Exemplary architecture projects will be discussed alongside.

1.     Desire: Lacan and Borromean Knot; “Architecture’s Desire”, K. Michael Hays
2.     Uncanny: Freud and the Unhomely; “Architecture Uncanny”, Anthony Vidler
3.     Phobias: Freud to Simmel; “Warped Space”, Anthony Vidler
4.     The Real: Kant to Lacan to Deleuze, the Sublime to the Thing to the Virtual; “Valerio Olgiati’s Architecture of the Future Anterior”, Ruo Jia

Students are required to devote to theoretical readings and reading responses. The seminars will be structured with one hour lecture followed by one hour discussion and presentations.

Requirements: n/a

Cost/Materials: printing expenses