The Bilbao Guggenhein Museum: Topics in Project Management

Please note the course schedule below.The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has had an unprecedented impact not only on the city of Bilbao but also on the value of design and the public\’s perception of architecture worldwide. This seminar focuses on the botherb elements, hidden in the team of people and organizations that make good architecture possible and allow architects to reach their potential. The seminar introduces fundamentals of project management as related to project delivery, owner relations, cost estimating, budget control, and scheduling. The conception, design and construction of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao constitutes the basis for discussion, with a focus on process, leadership, management and technology. The seminar is based on a case studies approach, with cases from other projects complementing the museum\’s case, to provide a basis for understanding the complex process of architectural works.Prerequisites: Permission of instructorCourse Schedule:Tuesday, January 30 with Professor RodriguezThursday, February 1 with Professor PollalisTuesday, February 6 with Professor RodriguezThursday, February 8 with Professor RodriguezTuesday, February 13 by video teleconferenceThursday, February 15 by video teleconferenceTuesday, February 27 by video teleconferenceThursday, March 1 by video teleconferenceTuesday, March 13 with Professor RodriguezThursday, March 15 with Professor RodriguezTuesday, April 10 by video teleconferenceThursday, April 12 by video teleconferenceTuesday, April 24 with Professor RodriguezThursday, April 26 with Professor Rodriguez