Tokyo Study Abroad Studio: New Topologies of Our Living Environment

The Tokyo Study Abroad Option Studio, New Topologies of Our Living Environment: Beyond the Division of Architecture, City and Landscape, explores the typology of our living environment through a new method. We will diverge from traditional urban and building planning methods, and fuse architecture, cities and landscapes through a process focused not only on form, but also on programs, communities, and lifestyles. The studio will look to specific areas of Tokyo for research and inspiration.

Our boundaries have been shaken. The built environment and previously fixed notions such as architecture, urban design, streets and landscape have started to meld together. How can one think of a holistic architecture without designing the street around it? A desirable solution could be to introduce an urban street into the site itself, but should roads and architecture have different shapes to begin with? When designing a city the building lots, the roads, the zoning regulations are set, but the roads, buildings and landscapes are defined as independent elements. This studio questions how form might handle these different typologies simultaneously. Enrollment in this studio was pre-selected.

Enrollment for this study abroad studio was pre-selected.