Transit Route Planning and Scheduling Workshop

Instructor: Alexander Lew, MUP
Max Enrollment: 15
Date/Time: Jan 12 – 15/4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Location: Gund 517
Description: Often urban planners, city officials, and policymakers do not understand the complexities of operating a public transit system. Given that funding is increasingly a scarce resource, there are many trade-offs that are required when planning and operating a bus system. Focusing primarily on bus route planning (also known as transit service planning), this workshop will cover many of the decisions that transit planners make when determining route alignments and scheduling.
The first day will define what makes transit not only attractive, but also cost-effective and efficient. We will also discuss well-intentioned “rookie mistakes” that urban planners implement into transit services that detract from the service.
The next three days will be hands-on with route planning, reviewing key concepts in analyzing ridership trends, route alignment, scheduling, as well as productivity. A multi-day simulated planning game will redesign transit (city TBD depending on data availability), taking into consideration service trade-offs, land use, activity centers, and density, and socio-economic data.
Requirements: Basic Excel skills are highly recommended. Basics of GIS would be useful but not required. An interest in public transit is a must!
Cost/Materials: n/a