Visual Studies

The course objective is to develop and improve students’ skills in freehand drawing based on direct observation, and to encourage them to incorporate drawing into their design process.

Architects who are fluent in various kinds of freehand drawing are able to generate, refine, and evaluate design ideas more effectively than architects who depend upon the computer for visualization. Along with other hand processes like painting, sculpting, and bricolage, drawing is a complement to computer-based and conceptually-based design methods.

In this course priority will be given to line drawing and learning its various forms, methods, techniques and materials.

The projects will include drawing of a human body in action and in space—in interior and exterior conditions and situations.

Students will learn how to draw natural forms and human made objects and to visually articulate their structure—see architectural forms in nature and natural forms in architecture.

We will be using charcoal, pencil, markers, graphite, ink, and other drawing materials.

Each class session will consist of short project introduction and completion of three individual assignments. There will be one final group project as well as two field trips to draw in city interior and exterior places and public situations.
Please bring for first class session: 18”x24” newsprint sketch pad, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B pencils, soft charcoal-vine sticks and larger kneaded eraser.



Schedule: The course will meet once as a group on the first class, 11:30-12:30 on Wednesday, August 31st, in room 111. The remaining course times will be held as sections.