White Napkins: A Collection of Short Theses on Radical Interiors

short th\’sis, n [AS. scort, scort, short; O.H.G. scurz, short, cut off; ON. skort, short piece of clothing. L thesis; Gr. thesis, a position, from lithenai, to put, place.]
1. a kind of thesis varying widely in length but shorter than the dissertation: characteristically it develops a single central theme or impression and is limited in scope and number of characters.
rad\’i·cl, a [Fr., from LL. radicalis, having roots, from L. radix, root.]
1. of or from the root or roots; going to the center, foundation, or source of something; fundamental; basic; as, a radical principle.
2. (a) favoring fundamental or extreme change; specifically, favoring such change of the social structure. 
This studio will explore design possibilities for radical interior spaces—radical interiors that are at once from the root and favoring extreme change. Each student’s project will begin in the space of personal memory, which will become a kinetic site with unquestionable origins—a site whose spatial character and embodied meaning will be fundamentally transformed through the individualized lens of a personal thesis and provocative program.