For students entering Fall 2022

First Semester

4 units          ADV-9674 Proseminar in ECOLOGIES: Interrelated, In-between, Dynamic
12 units        Electives or Distributional Electives**

Second Semester

16 units        Electives or Distributional Electives**
Choose elective courses to develop the Trajectory

Third Semester

16 units        Electives
Choose elective courses to develop the Trajectory

Fourth Semester

8 units          Electives
8 units          ADV-97XX Open Project

**In the first year, students are required to take a minimum of 12 units of distributional electives from an approved list of courses.
Distributional electives may be completed in the second year with approval from the Domain Head.


Selection of Distributional Electives
Students are required to select 3 from across disciplines.

ECOLOGIES + Cultures
Situated understandings of / attitudes toward / historical traditions relative to land, landscape, nature, and environment (across cultures, and including inter-species and non-human lenses)
DES 3347 Wild Ways: Thinking, Relating and Being with/in Wilderness, Wild-ness and Nature in the Anthropocene
DES 3348 The Idea of Environment
HIS 4395 Environmentalisms: How to Have a Politics?
HIS 4487 Plants of Ritual: Creating a Spiritual Connection to the Designed Landscape

ECOLOGIES + Atmospheres
Planetary and atmospheric change and dynamics, including impacts on energy, climate, biodiversity, habitat
SES 5409 Climate Justice
SES 5465 Planning Sustainable Urban Environments
SCI 6244 Climate by Design
SCI 6381 Power||Energy: Mapping the Thickened Ground of Labor
SCI 6482 Confronting Climate Change: A Foundation in Science, Technology + Policy (FAS GENED 1094)

Inhabitations of the earth’s surface, various forms and structures of collective living
DES 3241 Theories of Landscape as Urbanism
DES 3396 Thinking Landscape – Making Cities
SES 5347 Urbanization and Development
SES 5380 Experimental Infrastructures
SES 5381 Urban Design and the Color-Line
SES 5397 Cities and the Urban Informal Economy: Rethinking Development, Urban Design and Planning
SES 5446 Inclusive Cities in the Global South: From Development Narratives to Urban Forms
PRO 7445 Elements of the Urban Stack

Questions of race, ethnicity, gender, identity, to whom/for whom, including unequal social, environmental, and climate impacts.
EH 249 Built Environment, Nature, and Health (CHAN)
VIS 2484 Interdisciplinary Art and Design Practices
DES 3398 Migration in Latin America: Imagining Flux, Rapid Response and Reversibility and the Non-Formal
HIS 4455 Cotton Kingdom, Now
SES 5448 Urban Transformations and Climate Change

ECOLOGIES + Resources
Interactions between and among resource availabilities, extraction and cultivation techniques and technologies, production, distribution, and consumption networks, including material ecologies
HIS 4495 Highways, Deforestation, and State-driven Colonization in Amazonia
HIS 4498 Resilience Under New Water Regimes: The Case of Monterray, [MX] Day-Zero
SCI 6317 Material Systems: Digital Design and Fabrication
SCI 6486 Nano, Macro, Micro: BioFabrication

ECOLOGIES + Projections
Modes of inquiry, research, investigation, representation
AFVS 144M Photography and Ecology (FAS)
VIS 2314 Responsive Environments
VIS 2362 Lost and Alternative Nature: Vertical Mapping of Urban Subterrains for Climate Change Mitigation
SCI 6386 Mapping Urbanization: Forms, Processes, and Systems

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(Required courses for students who entered in 2021.)