John T. Dunlop Lecture: Jonathan Reckford, “Three Myths About Affordable Housing”

If the housing community is going to influence people to take action, we must create a compelling common narrative that demonstrates how the lack of affordable housing affects everyone.  We have to dispel these three common myths:
• Housing is important, but it is not at the top of the list.
• Housing is someone else’s problem.
• Homeownership isn’t for low-income people.
The issue is complex, but in areas where the public, private and social sectors are working together and where local residents are at the heart of efforts to create strong communities, we see that everyone wins.  Having a stable and affordable home has enabled many low-income families to build the foundation for a better life and to become invaluable partners in developing thriving and inviting neighborhoods.

Organized by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University.

Additional Speakers:

Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International

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