Innovate: Andrew Holder, “Bricks like You”

As a decade or so of digitally-fueled formal investigation draws to a close it is an excellent time to ask again, what can form do? The seeming exhaustion of this question – the sense that everything has been done and the concomitant suspicion that the question itself is irrelevant in the face of more obviously pressing concerns – might in fact have a clarifying effect on our collective ability to discern and make use of any powers that form might retain. Of all the territory that has been exhausted by the introduction of computation to the discipline of architecture, perhaps none has been more worked-over and abused than the brick, which is now so spent after its recent exertions that it has lost its status as a brick altogether and emerged re-naturalized as the digital “unit.” So what could possibly be left to say? Bricks: I think they’re like you. And I think they like you.

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