Innovate: Holly Samuelson “Near-Zero: Simulation-Aided Design of a Low-Energy House” and Mark Mulligan “Horizon House: A 21st-century Sustainable House in Rural Japan”

Two student teams, joined by their factuly sponsors, will present their projects. 

Near-Zero: Simulation-Aided Design of a Low-Energy House

In 2013 four GSD students entered and won a competition to drastically improve the energy performance of a house design using energy simulation in the process. This biennial competition, sponsored by the International Building Performance Simulation Association, generally caters to graduate students in engineering and focuses on building equipment, rather than architecture. However, the GSD team did what architects do best; they re-framed the problem. 

Student Team:  

Apoorv Goyal

Keojin Jin

Saurabh Shrestha

Arta Yazdanseta

Faculty Advisor: Holly Samuelson (Assistant Professor of Architecture)


Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, Japan   

First Prize Winner

3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition  

Designed by a team of eight GSD students, Horizon House was awarded First Prize in an international student competition sponsored by LIXIL Corporation in April 2013.  The competition asked students to consider the future of sustainable living in rural Hokkaido (Japan), based on the theme “Retreat in Nature”.  As a result of winning First Prize, the house was constructed by LIXIL, based on construction documents produced by the team.  The entire process from conception to completion took place over ten months, between January and November 2013.  This project allowed us to test in practice many of the advanced techniques for energetic design discussed and developed at the GSD.  

Design Team 

Matthew Conway (MArch I ‘15)

Carlos Cerezo Davila (MDesS ‘13)

Robert Daurio (MArch II ‘13)

Ana Garcia Puyol (MDesS ‘14)

Mariano Gomez Luque (MArch II ‘13)

Natsuma Imai (MArch I ‘15)

Takuya Iwamura (MLA ‘14)

Thomas Sherman (MDesS ‘14).  

Faculty advisors: Mark Mulligan (Associate Professor in Practice of Architecture) and Kiel Moe (Assistant Professor of Architecture).

Innovation occurs on multiple scales, frequently crosses disciplines, and occasionally changes lives, cities, and culture. It is not a science, but requires design skills and must be informed by an eye for opportunity. “Innovate,” a noontime talk series, features 20-minute presentations followed by discussions with faculty and students. Moderated by Iñaki Abalos, chair of the Department of Architecture.

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Anyone requiring accessibility accommodations should contact the Public Programs Office at (617) 496-2414 or [email protected].