Javier Maroto, Spanish Architecture Cycle: “Living Better than Inhabiting”

The ideal room, represented as a particular shelter to improve the conditions of life, and the rich variety and complex universe of housing spaces shape and represent architectural ideals in a better way than any other type may do, because they provide a desirable place in which is still possible to implement habits.

Therefore, the projection of these patterns allows the best and specific expression of all types of events sorted out of our daily life experience, and provides a worthy bunch of flexible boundaries for our assets and belongings. The discovery of these spaces in which our memories may be unveiled allows an interactive and creative store for our life experiences.
To inhabit would be a frequentative mode of the verb to have; the gathering of these two verbs, to be and to have make possible the implementation of Habits as the full expression of life.
This lecture has the aim of showing a personal reflection held over the last ten years, driven through a personal architectural insight in which habits and behaving, which may often appear as mere functional instruments for architects, are here presented as the origin of any valuable architecture and as powerful tools for life expression, transcending its material value and improving the mere standardized and boring repetition held in architectural space. 
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