Lessons from Latin America

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Event Description

In contexts of rapid, inequitable urbanization and socio-spatial innovations, what can global scholars and practitioners of urban planning, design, landscape, and architecture learn from Latin America? This year’s Latin GSD Symposium critically engages with three themes: (1) pedagogy, (2) identity, and (3) rights to the city. Our conversations focus on how Latin American cities–and the people that shape them–employ design and place-making to address critical urban challenges. Conference participants will reflect on successful initiatives, those lost in translation, and on the emerging practices that redefine global urbanism.

The three-day symposium and watch party will host most panelists via Zoom, with some attending in-person. The event will start each day at 6:30 pm EST in Gund 111 (War Room) + Zoom. Register here.


Monday 4/11 – Identity and Practice

Camillo Restrepo Ochoa (Agenda) – Colombia
Domingo Arancibia – Chile
Macarena Almonacid – Chile

Viviana Urra (MDesEE ’23)
Bruno Rodriguez (MAUD ’22)

Tuesday 4/12 – Radical Pedagogies

Rodrigo Sheward / Martín del Solar (Grupo Talca) – Chile
María Beatriz García / Luciano Landeata (Dislocal) – Venezuela
Jorge Gracia (Escuela Libre de Arquitectura) – US / México

Rolando Girodengo (MAUD ’23)
Yazmín Crespo Claudio (Ph.D. Candidate)

Wednesday 4/13 – Right to the City

Alejandro Echeverri (Urbam – Eafit) – Colombia
Loreta Castro (Taller Capital) – México

Cristina Davila Gonzalez (MUP ’23)
Enrique Mutis (MAUD ’23)


Anyone requiring accessibility accommodations should contact the Public Programs Office at (617) 496-2414 or [email protected].